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People First Technology Designs

Audio Visual systems designed for your organization's users. The process and knowledge that leads to happy users and better experiences.

Innovative Solutions, Trusted Guidance.

Romero Consulting Services is an audio visual consultancy firm that guides clients through concept, design, and construction of collaboration and media systems.

RCS will be your guide every step of the way, whether you need research and a recommendations, a budget, a project manager, or all of above.

RCS will join you on the path to your ideal experience.


Experienced, Tenacious, and Creative

Ruben Romero has 20 years of experience across the audio visual and IT industries. As a consultant, he leverages decades of relationships, real world expertise, and a level of practicality. The RCS process starts with the client's desired experience, and engineers backwards towards a technical solution. Colllaborate, communicate, dazzle.

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